Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4
Name Description
ctlColorWL A button-like control used to manage (and show) a color (WindowLess version)
If you need a Non WindowLess version of this control (because you need to put it over other Non WindowLess controls) check the [ctlColorXP] control
Check common properties here
ctlColorXP Same as the [ctlColorWL] control but Windowed (with [hWnd] property); can be positioned over other controls
Check common properties here
ctlImageBag This is an ImageList control clone. It has the ability to store alpha images with different size.
ctlNumIncXP Represents a up-down number control
Check common properties here
ctlProgressWL This is a very nice Windowless ProgressBar control with advanced graphical styles
Check common properties here
ctlScroll A styled scrollbar control (vertical and horizontal) that supports long offsets
ctlUniButtonImageWL Unicode text button with optionally an image and rounded borders (Windowless version)
Check common properties here
ctlUniButtonImageXP Unicode text button with optionally an image and rounded borders
Check common properties here
ctlUniCanvas Unicode API window that you can use like a normal Device Context.
You can draw into its area using normal API functions and you can receive events with Unicode data for KeyPress, KeyDown, KeyUp.
The "Label Editor" dialog used in our Dynamic HTML Editor program uses a ctlUniCanvas object to catch Unicode keys ;-)
This control supports IME input.
Check common properties here
ctlUniCheckWL Checkbox with Unicode text and tooltip (Windowless version)
Check the [ctlUniCheckXP] control for a Windowed version
Check common properties here
ctlUniCheckXP Checkbox with Unicode text and tooltip (Windowed)
Check the [ctlUniCheckWL] control for a Windowless version
Check common properties here
ctlUniComboBoxXP Unicode combobox
Check common properties here
ctlUniComboFontXP Unicode ComboBox for displaying fonts
Check common properties here
ctlUniComboImageXP Unicode Combo ListBox with optional images
Check common properties here
ctlUniDriveBoxXP An Unicode DriveBox control made using our ctlUniComboImageXP control.
Check common properties here
ctlUniFileBoxXP An Unicode Dir/FileBox with advanced properties; supports up to 32000 characters in path.
Check common properties here
ctlUniFormCaption Permits you to use Unicode form captions in standard VB6 forms
Check common properties here
ctlUniFrameWL This is a frame container with Standard or Vista Style compatible with Windowless controls
Check common properties here
ctlUniGrid Advanced Unicode grid
Check common properties here
ctlUniImageWL Image usercontrol with Unicode tooltip and support for 32 bit alpha images (Windowless).
Check common properties here
ctlUniLabelWL Unicode label (Windowless) lighter than the [ctlUniLabelXP] control
Check common properties here
ctlUniLabelXP Unicode label with a Device Context and Autoredraw (Windowed)
Check common properties here
ctlUniLink Unicode link control, Windowed version
Check common properties here
ctlUniLinkWL Unicode link control, WindowLess version with a transparent background
Check common properties here
ctlUniListBoxExXP Unicode Listbox with optionally images and checkbox style
Check common properties here
ctlUniListBoxXP Unicode Listbox
Check common properties here
ctlUniListView Represents a Windows list view control, which displays a collection of items that can be displayed using one of four different views
Check common properties here
ctlUniMDITabs An Unicode component that permits you to organize your MDI child windows using a Top or Bottom tabulator like the Microsoft Visual Studio environment.
Check common properties here
ctlUniMenu Transforms a standard VB6 menu into an Unicode Icon menu;
as the VB6 menu is ANSI, the idea is to put Unicode data in ANSI format into menu item texts.
This is possible by encoding Unicode data to UTF8 or Hex. The menu will translate this encoded
data into Unicode at runtime (see [StringMode] property)
Check common properties here
ctlUniRadioWL Radio with Unicode text and tooltip (Windowless version)
Check common properties here
ctlUniRadioXP Radio with Unicode text and tooltip (Windowed version, can be overlapped)
Check common properties here
ctlUniRichTextBoxXP Unicode Rich Textbox, compatible with RichEdit version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.1
Check common properties here
ctlUniStatusBar Unicode status bar; this is a container control so you can place other controls inside it;
in the screenshot below we placed a progress bar into it.
Check common properties here
ctlUniStyler Extremely powerful control that permits you to change the look and feel of your applications using just no code ;-)
It works changing the visual aspect of Unicode Controls of this library.

By default every color property of this control has the value -1& that means "don't make any change to controls".
By default the font face of controls is changed to "Arial Unicode MS", remove it in order to avoid the change of fonts.

If you need to style Hexagora Unicode Controls contained into your custom controls see at the end of this page.
Check common properties here
ctlUniTabbedXP Tabbed panel with Unicode text
Check common properties here
ctlUniTextBoxXP Unicode textbox, supports IME input and more than 32000 chars, about 2 Giga Bytes ;-)
Check common properties here
ctlUniTextCodeHighlight Unicode text highlight component; can highlight HTML generic code (with php, asp, or javascript sections) or pure php, asp or javascript code.
Supports multiple undo and tab line indentation.
Internally it uses a ctlUniRichTextBox control so refer to its documentation for details on property methods missing on this page
Check common properties here
ctlUniToolBarXP Unicode toolbar with modern style, it is a container control so you can place other controls inside it and let the control align them
Check common properties here
ctlUniTooltipManager Unicode Tooltip Manager, permits you to enable and manage Unicode tooltips used by controls
You can also use it in your usercontrols/forms (use the [SetTip] method in the MouseMove event)
Check common properties here
ucTreeView Extremely powerful Unicode Treeview control, with multi-selection, derived from ucTreeview 1.3.

This controls doesn't use Classes for node management, a node is an handle (long value) and you can retrieve node properties by passing its handle.
Check common properties here
We have already planned the construction of a new TreeView control, 100% compatible with the standard VB6 one
Name Description
cArrayList This class implements a fast index-based Collection for managing Objects;
when accessing Items by Index this class is 100x faster than a standard VB6 Collection
clsBase64 Utility class for encoding/decoding Base 64 data
clsClipboard This class permits you to copy and paste UNICODE text into the Windows Clipboard. Simply use the [Text] property.
clsCommDialogs This class permits you to invoke Unicode Windows dialogs like OpenFile, SaveFile, ShowFonts, ShowDir, ShorColor.
clsCommonWrapper This class permits you to invoke common functions and methods, contains function used in Unicode Controls.
clsDIBSection This class permits you to manage an API Device Context in a safe way and provides conversion functions for VB6.
Similar to the [clsMemDC] class but uses a DibSection instead of a Windows Bitmap for image management so it is possible
to create images with different resolutions. The [clsMemDC] class can only create images with the same resolution of the screen
clsFileIni This class permits you to manage UNICODE .ini files; very useful for multi-language applications; it uses Standard Windows Unicode API and supports UNC paths.
clsFileIniEx This class permits you to manage Unicode .ini files encoded in UTF8, Unicode UTF16 and ANSI.
It is possible to use characters like spaces, ", etc... and you can avoid the use of sections.
It is possible to read files up to 50 MB (limited by code).
clsFontHDC Permits you to assign a custom font to a specified Windows Device Contect
Automatically destroys the created font and restores the old one on the DC when terminates
clsGdiHandle Quite stupid class, used only for maintaining a GDI handle safely
clsGpBitmap Manages a GDI+ Bitmap/Image object
MSDN documentation here
clsGpBrush Manages a GDI+ Brush, a Brush is used to fill shapes
Check MSDN documentation here and here
clsGpColor Manages a GDI+ color
clsGpCustomLineCap Manages a GDI+ custom line cap, use the [CreateLineCap] or [CreatePredefinedCap] to create the custom cap
clsGpGraphics The Graphics class provides methods for drawing lines, curves, figures, images, and text. A Graphics object stores attributes of the display device and attributes of the items to be drawn.
Check MSDN documentation here
clsGpGraphicsState Represents a Graphics state object used by [clsGpGraphics.Save] and [clsGpGraphics.Restore] functions
clsGpPath Manages a GDI+ path
clsGpPen Represents a GDIPlus Pen object, automatically releases used resources when the class terminates; a Pen is used to stroke shapes
clsGpSession Manages automatically a GDIPlus session; this class is not creatable; use the [clsCommonWrapper.GetGDIPlusSession] for getting the instance and use internal functions
clsLargeNumber Permits you the management of large numbers
clsMEMDC This class permits you to manage an API Device Context in a safe way and provides conversion functions for VB6.
Similar to the [clsDIBSection] class but uses a Windows Bitmap inside
This class can only create images with the same resolution of the screen
clsMultiLngsupport This class permits you to translate your forms automatically (by applying UNICODE captions and tips to your controls and to the form) using a external .ini file created in a certain way.
clsPalette Manages a color palette when the image is not True color, used in the [clsDIBSection] class
clsScreens This class contains functions that will pemit you to read information about Dual-Monitor or Multi-Monitor systems. You'll be able to read info for every monitor attached to a PC.
clsSearchFilesAL A very powerful class used to search files; supports asynchronous mode and recursion on subdirectories.
Returns a [cArrayList] class of [clsSearchFilesFInfoAL] classes that you can use to get a lot of file information. Supports UNICODE and UNC paths.
clsSearchFilesFInfoAL This class represents a File Information when using the [clsSearchFilesAL]
clsShellLink This class permits you to manage Unicode Shell links
clsShellOperation This class permits you to execute Unicode operation using the SHELL class, for example you can put files to the Recycle
clsSpecialFolders Returns information about system special folders; check MSDN for details
clsSystemMetrics This is class that permits you to check the size of Windows objects, like the titlebar, buttons, scrollbars and so on
clsTrayArea This class permits you to add, remove or change icons or tip messages on the tray area.
When the class terminates, all added icons will be removed from the Tray Area automatically
See the "Sample 1" for a working example.
clsUniFile This class permits you to manage UNICODE/ANSI/UTF8 files. Supports extended Unicode and UNC path (up to 32000 characters, with Unicode path and filenames).
Methods starting with "st_" work without an opened file handle and should be treated as "Static"
clsUniLV_ColumnHeader ListView Column Header
clsUniLV_ColumnHeaders ListView Column Header collection
clsUniLV_ListItem An item in a ListView control that contains the index of icons associated with it, text, and an array of strings representing subitems that are displayed in Report view.
clsUniLV_ListItems ListView Item collection
clsUniLV_ListSubItem ListView SubItem object
clsUniLV_ListSubItems ListView SubItem collection
cStringBuilder Fast string builder for VB6
cSubClass Permits you to Subclass windows in a simple way
Doesn't remove attached messages automatically when destroyed
IHexUniStyler Interface Class that permits you to style Hexagora Controls contained into your custom usercontrols
ISubclass Defines an interface that you must implement in your classes to be able to subclass
windows using API and the [cSubClass.AttachMessage] utility function
Name Description
eChooseFont (clsCommDialogs) ShowFont flags enum; check on MSDN for a complete documentation
eOpenFileFlags (clsCommDialogs) Used in the [ShowOpen] and [ShowSave] functions
Check MSDN (Flag parameter) for complete documentation
eCtlButtonStyle (clsCommonWrapper) Button styles
eCtlCursorType (clsCommonWrapper) Cursors
eCtlDrawTextFormat (clsCommonWrapper) Used when drawing text, check MSDN for details
eCtlLineStyle (clsCommonWrapper) [DrawLine] flags
eCtlOLEDragMode (clsCommonWrapper) OLE Drag modes
eCtlOLEDropMode (clsCommonWrapper) OLE Drop modes
eCtlShellExec (clsCommonWrapper) [UniShellExecuteW] operations
eCtlTextAlignConst (clsCommonWrapper) Text alignment constants
eCtlWindowsType (clsCommonWrapper) Windows versions
eBppType (clsDIBSection) Bits per Pixel Type
eDibSectionBkMode (clsDIBSection) Background Mode
eFontHDCQualityType (clsFontHDC) Font quality type
eCustomCapType (clsGpCustomLineCap) Predefined caps
GpBrushType (clsGpSession) Brush types
GpColorAdjustType (clsGpSession)
GpColorChannelFlags (clsGpSession) Color Channel flags
GpColorMaskComponents (clsGpSession) Color components
GpColorMatrixFlags (clsGpSession)
GpColorMode (clsGpSession) Color mode
GpColors (clsGpSession) Common GDIPlus color constants
GpColorShiftComponents (clsGpSession) Shift count and bit mask for A, R, G, B components
GpCombineMode (clsGpSession) Region Combine Modes
GpCompositingMode (clsGpSession) Alpha Compositing mode constants
GpCompositingQuality (clsGpSession) Alpha Compositing quality constants
GpCoordinateSpace (clsGpSession) Coordinate space identifiers
GpCustomLineCapType (clsGpSession) Custom Line cap type constants
GpDashCap (clsGpSession) Dash cap constants
GpDashStyle (clsGpSession) Dash styles
GpFillMode (clsGpSession) Fill mode
GpFlushIntention (clsGpSession)
GpHatchStyle (clsGpSession) Various Hatch Styles
GpImageType (clsGpSession)
GpInterpolationMode (clsGpSession) Interpolation mode
GpLinearGradientMode (clsGpSession) Linear gradient mode
GpLineCap (clsGpSession) Line cap constants (only the lowest 8 bits are used).
GpLineJoin (clsGpSession) Line join constants
GpMatrixOrder (clsGpSession)
GpPaletteFlags (clsGpSession)
GpPathPointType (clsGpSession)
GpPenAlignment (clsGpSession) Pen alignment flags
GpPenType (clsGpSession) Pen's Fill types
GpPixelFormat (clsGpSession)
GpPixelOffsetMode (clsGpSession) Pixel offset mode values
GpQualityMode (clsGpSession) Quality mode constants
GpRotateFlipType (clsGpSession)
GpSmoothingMode (clsGpSession) Smooothing mode
GpStatus (clsGpSession) This represents the return status for every GdiPlus function
GpTextRenderingHint (clsGpSession) Text rendering hint mode
GpUnit (clsGpSession) GDI Plus unit
GpWarpMode (clsGpSession)
GpWrapMode (clsGpSession) Various wrap modes for brushes
eMemDcBkMode (clsMEMDC) Background Mode
eSearchFilesWhat (clsSearchFilesAL) Search flag
eSearchFileFInfoDate (clsSearchFilesFInfoAL) DateTime information
eSearchFilesFAttrs (clsSearchFilesFInfoAL) Attributes of a file, can be a combination of the following values
eShellOpFlags (clsShellOperation) Shell Operation flags
eShellOpOperations (clsShellOperation) Shell Operations
eSystemMetrics (clsSystemMetrics) The system metric or configuration setting to be retrieved
Check MSDN for details
eBalloonIconTypes (clsTrayArea)
eFileEncoding (clsUniFile) File encoding constants
eUniFileAccess (clsUniFile) File access values
eUniFileAttributes (clsUniFile) File attributes, the file attribute can be a combination of these constants
eUniFileCreationDisposition (clsUniFile) File creation modes
eUniFileMoveExFlags (clsUniFile) Move file flags
eUniFilePointerPos (clsUniFile) File pointer offsets
eUniFileShareMode (clsUniFile) File sharing mode
eCtlUniListView_ListColumnAlignmentConstants (clsUniLV_ColumnHeader) ColumnAlignment constants
eCtlScrollLayout (ctlScroll) Layout Type
eUniButtonImage_ImagePos (ctlUniButtonImageXP) Image position type
eUniCanvas_BorderStyle (ctlUniCanvas) Border Style
eUniCheckXp_align (ctlUniCheckXP) Checkbox alignment constants
eUniComboBox_Style (ctlUniComboBoxXP) Type of combobox
eComboFontContentType (ctlUniComboFontXP) The type of fonts to display in the control
eUniGrid_ColumnAlign (ctlUniGrid) Column alignment constants
eUniGrid_ColumnType (ctlUniGrid) Column type constants
eUniImage_TranspType (ctlUniImageWL) Specifies the image transparency type
eUniLabel_BackStyle (ctlUniLabelXP) Background style
eUniLabel_BorderStyle (ctlUniLabelXP) Border style
eUniLabel_TextAlign (ctlUniLabelXP) Text alignment constants
eUniLabel_TextVAlign (ctlUniLabelXP) Vertical alignment constants
eUniLink_BackStyle (ctlUniLinkWL) Background style
eUniLink_TextAlign (ctlUniLinkWL) Aligment of the link text
eOwnerDrawState (ctlUniListBoxExXP) [OwnerDrawState] constants
eUniListBoxEx_MultiSelect (ctlUniListBoxExXP) Multi selection constants
eUniListBox_MultiSelect (ctlUniListBoxXP) Multi selection constants
eUniListBox_Style (ctlUniListBoxXP) ListBox style
eCtlUniListView_ListArrangeConstants (ctlUniListView) ListArrange constants
eCtlUniListView_ListLabelEditConstants (ctlUniListView) LabelEdit constants
eCtlUniListView_ListSortOrderConstants (ctlUniListView) SortOrder constants
eCtlUniListView_ListViewConstants (ctlUniListView) View constants
eCtlUniListView_NotifyConsts (ctlUniListView) ListView notify consts, Reserved, don't use
eUniMenuStringMode (ctlUniMenu) Menu string mode
eUniRadioXp_align (ctlUniRadioXP) Radio alignment constants
eCtlRichTextBox_EditStyle (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Edit style
eCtlRichTextBox_FindOptions (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Find Options
eCtlRichTextBox_GetContents (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) GetContents constants
eCtlRichTextBox_HScroll (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Horizontal scroll constants
eCtlRichTextBox_LanguageOptions (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Language options
eCtlRichTextBox_LinkEventTypeConstants (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Type of action related to an event
eCtlRichTextBox_ParagraphAlignmentConstants (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Paragraph alignment constants
eCtlRichTextBox_ParagraphLineSpacingConstants (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Paragraph Line Spacing Constants
eCtlRichTextBox_ParagraphNumberingConstants (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Paragraph Numbering Constants
eCtlRichTextBox_SelectionTypeConstants (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Selection Type Constants
eCtlRichTextBox_SetContents (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) SetContents constants
eCtlRichTextBox_SetFormatRange (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Type of selection when formatting
eCtlRichTextBox_TextLength (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Contains information about how the text length of a rich edit control should be calculated
eCtlRichTextBox_TextModeCodePage (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Type of codepage
eCtlRichTextBox_TextModeText (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Type of Textmode
eCtlRichTextBox_TextModeUndoLevel (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Type of undo management
eCtlRichTextBox_TypographyOptions (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Typography Options
eCtlRichTextBox_UnderlineType (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Type of underline
eCtlRichTextBox_UndoTypeConstants (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Undo Type Constants
eCtlRichTextBox_Version (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Richedit version constants
eCtlRichTextBox_ViewModes (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) View modes
eCtlRichTextBox_VScroll (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Vertical scroll constants
eCtlRichTextBox_ZoomFactor (ctlUniRichTextBoxXP) Zoom factors
eUniStatusBar_Style (ctlUniStatusBar) Type of statusbar item
eUniTextbox_Alignment (ctlUniTextBoxXP) Textbox alignment constants
eUniTextbox_ScrollBars (ctlUniTextBoxXP) Scrollbar constants
eCtlTextCHZoneType (ctlUniTextCodeHighlight) Type of language to use for highlighting the code
eToolBarOrientation (ctlUniToolBarXP) Toolbar orientation
eUniToolBarXP_ItemType (ctlUniToolBarXP) Type of toolbar item
eMsgResponse3 (ISubclass) Defines the way you can sublass Windows messages for a specified Window using the AttachMessage function
tvOLEDragConstants (ucTreeView) OLED&D
tvOLEDragInsertStyleConstants (ucTreeView) OLED&D
tvOLEDropConstants (ucTreeView) OLED&D
tvRelationConstants (ucTreeView) Node relation constants
tvScrollConstants (ucTreeView) Scroll action constants