Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

clsPalette Class

Manages a color palette when the image is not True color, used in the [clsDIBSection] class

Name Description
Name Description
Name Type Description
Blue (Byte) Returns the Blue component of a given color index
ClosestIndex (Long) Returns the closest index of the palette colors to the one passed in input
Count (Long) Returns the number of colors in the palette
Green (Byte) Returns the Green component of a given color index
Red (Byte) Returns the Red component of a given color index
Name Type Description
Add Adds a color to the palette
Clone Clones values from another palette
Create16 Creates a Standard EGA style 16 colors palette
CreateFromDib Loads palette info from a given object
CreateHalfTone256 Creates a halftone 256 colors palette
CreateMono2 Creates a Monochrome palette
CreateOptimal Creates an optimal palette from a True Color image
CreateWebSafe256 Creates a web safe 256 colors palette
Destroy Deletes the palette