Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

clsGdiHandle Class

Quite stupid class, used only for maintaining a GDI handle safely

Name Description
Name Description
Name Type Description
Handle (Long) Gets or sets the handle to manage
Name Type Description
Destroy Deletes the internal handle via "DeleteObject"
ReleaseHandle (Long) Releases the internal handle; the client of this function must release manually the given value
After this call, the internal handle is empty
When terminates, automatically deletes the handled object using "DeleteObject" API
Private Sub pvCheckRefreshAPIComboBrush()
If m_bRefreshCombo Then Exit Sub
m_bRefreshCombo = True

If m_hWndEdit <> 0 Then
'Elimina le vecchie brush
If m_bResetBrushes Then
m_bResetBrushes = False
'Ricrea le nuove
m_oBackColorListBrush.Handle = Ctl_CreateColorBrush(m_lBackColor)
End If
End If

m_bRefreshCombo = False
End Sub