Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

ucTreeView Control

Extremely powerful Unicode Treeview control, with multi-selection, derived from ucTreeview 1.3.

This controls doesn't use Classes for node management, a node is an handle (long value) and you can retrieve node properties by passing its handle.
Check common properties here
We have already planned the construction of a new TreeView control, 100% compatible with the standard VB6 one

Name Description
tvOLEDragConstants OLED&D
tvOLEDragInsertStyleConstants OLED&D
tvOLEDropConstants OLED&D
tvRelationConstants Node relation constants
tvScrollConstants Scroll action constants
Name Description
NodeClick Occurs when you click on a node
NodeCheck Occurs when you check/uncheck a node
SelectionChanged Occurs when the current node changes
BeforeExpand Occurs before expanding a node
AfterExpand Occurs after having expanded a node
Collapse Occurs after having collapsed a node
BeforeLabelEdit Occurs before editing a node label, set Cancel = True to stop the action
AfterLabelEdit Occurs after having changed a item label, set Cancel = True to stop the action
Name Type Description
AutoInitImageList (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to auto initialize the internal image list;
if you set this property to False you don't use images in the control and you'll not find also the space between icons and lines
BackColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the Background color of the control
BackColorOut (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the Color of the area out of the border (when using Rounded Borders in a non WindowLess control)
Leave -1& for automatic management
BorderColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the Border color
CheckBoxes (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability for the control to display checkboxes near node icons
Enabled (Boolean) Enables or disables the control
Font (StdFont) Gets or sets the font used for text in the control, check the [ApplyFontChanges] for details
ForeColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the text color
FullRowSelect (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to select an element by clicking on the area of the item row and not only in the item icon or text
HasButtons (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to displat plus/minus buttons on nodes with children
HasLines (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to display lines near nodes
HasRootLines (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to group the root node with a line
HideSelection (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to maintain the text selection visible also when the control has no focus (set HideSelection = False)
InsertMarkColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the insertion mark color
itemHeight (Long) Gets or sets the height of items
ItemIndent (Long) Gets or sets the indent value for items
LabelEdit (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to edit labels
LineColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the line color
MouseIcon (Picture) Gets or sets the MouseIcon for the control
MousePointer (VBRUN.MousePointerConstants) Gets or sets the MousePointer for the control
NodeBackColor (Long) Gets or sets the background color of the given node
NodeBold (Boolean) Gets or sets the bold status for a node
NodeChecked (Boolean) Gets or sets the checked status of a node
NodeChild (Long) Gets the first child of the given node
NodeChildren (Long) Returns the number of children nodes of the given node
NodeCount (Long) Returns the total number of nodes
NodeExpanded (Boolean) Checks if a node has been expanded
NodeExpandedOnce (Boolean) Checks if a node has been expanded once
NodeFirstSibling (Long) Gets the first sibling node of a given node
NodeFirstVisible (Long) Gets the handle of the first visible node in the viewport
NodeForeColor (Long) Gets or sets the text color of the given node
NodeFullPath Returns the full path of a node
NodeFullPathKey Gets the full path of keys of the given node
NodeGhosted (Boolean) Gets or sets the ghosted status of a node
NodeHilited (Boolean) Gets or sets the highlighted status of a node
NodeImage (Long) Gets or sets the node image
NodeKey (String) Gets or sets the Key associated with a node
NodeLastSibling (Long) Gets the last signing node of the given node
NodeLastVisible (Long) Gets the handle of the last visible node in the viewport
NodeLevel (Long) Gets the level of a node
NodeNext (Long) Gets the next node of a given node
NodeNextSibling (Long) Gets the next sibling of the given node
NodeParent (Long) Gets the parent node handle of a certain node
NodePlusMinusButton (Boolean) Gets or sets the plus minus status of a node
NodePrevious (Long) Gets the previous node of a given node
NodePreviousSibling (Long) Gets the previous sibling of the given node
NodeRoot (Long) Gets the handle of the root node
NodeSelectedImage (Long) Gets or sets the selected image of a node
NodeTag (String) Gets or sets the tag information of a node
NodeText (String) Gets or sets the Text of a node
NodeVisible (Boolean) Checks if a node is visible
OLEDragAutoExpand (Boolean)
OLEDragInsertStyle (tvOLEDragInsertStyleConstants)
OLEDragMode (tvOLEDragConstants)
OLEDropMode (tvOLEDropConstants)
RightToLeft (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to show bidirectional text on the control
RoundedBorders (Boolean) Gets or sets Rounded borders
SelBackColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the background color of the list item selector
SelectedNode (Long) Gets or sets the selected node
SelectItemOnRightClick (Boolean) Permits the selection of items also when pressing the right mouse button (like the standard control)
SelForeColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the foreground color of the list item selector
SingleExpand (Boolean) Causes the item being selected to expand and the item being unselected to collapse upon selection in the tree view. If the user holds down the CTRL key while selecting an item, the item being unselected will not be collapsed.
Tip (String) Gets or sets the Unicode Tooltip for the control
TrackSelect (Boolean) Enables hot tracking in a tree-view control
UseRoundRegions (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to use Round Regions for round borders instead of using the [BackColorOut] property;
Name Type Description
AddBitmap (Long) Adds a bitmap to the internal image list
AddIcon (Long) Adds an icon to the internal image list
AddNode (Long) Adds a node
ApplyFontChanges When setting a new font on the control you need to call this function in order to refresh the interface
BeginUpdate Permits you to start a long-time update on the control (for example by adding 1000 elements) without sending out many and many events. So it is faster!
Use un conjunction with [EndUpdate]
CheckChildren Marks all children os the given node
Clear Clears the treeview
Collapse Collapses the given node
DeleteNode (Boolean) Deletes a node
EndLabelEdit Terminates a label edit operation
EndUpdate Terminates a [BeginUpdate] reactivating the control after a long-time update
EnsureVisible Ensures that the given node is visible in the viewport
Expand Expands the given node
GetKeyNode (Long) Returns a node using a given key
HitTest (Long) Checks at given coordinates for a node
hWnd (Long) Returns the handle associated with the control
InitializeImageList (Boolean) Initializes the internal image list with a certain picture size
IsValidKey (Boolean) Checks if the given key is valid (if it is used in a node)
OLEGetDragInfo (Boolean)
OLEIsMyFormat (Boolean)
Refresh Redraws the control
Scroll Scrolls the treeview viewport
SetHilitedNode Highlights a certain node
SetInsertionMark Sets an insertion mark to the given node
SortChildren Sorts a certain node
StartLabelEdit (Boolean) Begins a label editing operation on a ListItem or Node object.
How to use the control: (See the sample)

If you use icons on nodes, add icons to the internal image list using the [AddIcon] function;
if you don't need icons turn the [AutoInitImageList] property to "False" so you'll save space

- Create a private enum on your form for image index so it's simple for you to add nodes with images (if you use images)
- Use the [AddNode] function to add nodes

Private Sub pvSetupTreeview()
With ucTreeView1

.ItemHeight = 16
.HasButtons = True
.HasLines = True
.HasRootLines = True

'Aggiunge le varie icone
Dim i As Integer
For i = 0 To 1
.AddIcon img_icons(i).Picture.Handle

.Font.Name = "Tahoma"
End With
End Sub

Private Sub pvLoadTreeview()
Dim hRootNode As Long

Dim osf As clsSearchFiles
Set osf = New clsSearchFiles

'Return a Hieranchical collection
Dim oc As Collection
Set oc = osf.SearchInPath(moCW.UniAppPath, esfw_all, True, False, False, , True)

miActualCounter = 0

With ucTreeView1
.SetRedrawMode False

hRootNode = .AddNode(, , "RootNode", "This Path", 0, 0)

pvLoadFolder hRootNode, oc

.Expand hRootNode
.SetRedrawMode True
End With
End Sub

Private Sub pvLoadFolder(hParent As Long, oc As Collection)
Dim i As Long
Dim osfi As clsSearchFilesFInfo
Dim hNode As Long

For i = 1 To oc.Count
Set osfi = oc(i)

miActualCounter = miActualCounter + 1

If osfi.IsDirectory Then
hNode = ucTreeView1.AddNode(hParent, , "F" & miActualCounter, osfi.sFileName, 0, 0, , osfi.sPathFileName)

pvLoadFolder hNode, osfi.oCollSubFiles
hNode = ucTreeView1.AddNode(hParent, , "F" & miActualCounter, osfi.sFileName, 1, 1, , osfi.sPathFileName, IIf((i Mod 2) = 0, vbRed, -1&))

End If


End Sub