Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

IHexUniStyler Class

Interface Class that permits you to style Hexagora Controls contained into your custom usercontrols

Name Description
Name Description
Name Type Description
Name Type Description
GetStyledControls (Collection) In this function you need to implement, return a collection of hexagora unicode controls you wish to style
Style Hexagora Unicode Controls contained into custom usercontrols:
If you put Hexagora Unicode Controls into your usercontrols you will not be able to style them using the ctlUniStyler control because they will be unacessible.

In order to do such as thing act as follows:
1- let your usercontrol implements the "IHexUniStyler" interface
2- from the only function you need to implement, return a collection of Hexagora Unicode Controls you wish to style
3- change the accessibility of this function from "Private" to "Public" because VB6 cannot access interfaces defined into usercontrols from a form

See the sample below:

Option Explicit

Implements HexUniControls.IHexUniStyler

'Interface for permitting the UniStyler to style controls into custom controls
'After having implemented this method be sure to change "Private" in this
'function with 'Public' because VB6 cannot detect interfaces used in controls
'Private Function IHexUniStyler_GetStyledControls() As Collection
Public Function IHexUniStyler_GetStyledControls() As Collection
Dim oc As New Collection
oc.Add ctlColorXP1
oc.Add ctlUniButtonImageXP1
Set IHexUniStyler_GetStyledControls = oc
End Function