Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

ctlUniRichTextBoxXP.eCtlRichTextBox_EditStyle Enum

Edit style

Name Value Description
ercSES_EMULATESYSEDIT 1 When this bit is on, rich edit attempts to emulate the system edit control (default: 0).
ercSES_BEEPONMAXTEXT 2 Rich Edit will call the system beeper if the user attempts to enter more than the maximum characters.
ercSES_EXTENDBACKCOLOR 4 Extends the background color all the way to the edges of the client rectangle (default: 0).
ercSES_MAPCPS 8 Obsolete. Do not use.
ercSES_EMULATE10 16 Emulate RichEdit 1.0 behavior.
ercSES_USECRLF 32 Obsolete. Do not use.
ercSES_USEAIMM 64 Uses the Active IMM input method component that ships with Internet Explorer 4.0 or later (default: 0).
ercSES_NOIME 128 Disallows IMEs for this instance of the rich edit control (default: 0).
ercSES_UPPERCASE 512 Converts all input characters to uppercase (default: 0).
ercSES_LOWERCASE 1024 Converts all input characters to lowercase (default: 0).
ercSES_NOINPUTSEQUENCECHK 2048 When this bit is on, rich edit does not verify the sequence of typed text. Some languages (such as Thai and Vietnamese) require verifying the input sequence order before submitting it to the backing store (default: 0).
ercSES_BIDI 4096 Turns on bidirectional processing. This is automatically turned on by Rich Edit if any of the following window styles are active: WS_EX_RIGHT, WS_EX_RTLREADING, WS_EX_LEFTSCROLLBAR. However, this setting is useful for handling these window styles when using a custom implementation of ITextHost (default: 0).
ercSES_SCROLLONKILLFOCUS 8192 When KillFocus occurs, scroll to the beginning of the text (character position equal to 0) (default: 0).
ercSES_XLTCRCRLFTOCR 16384 Turns on translation of CRCRLFs to CRs. When this bit is on and a file is read in, all instances of CRCRLF will be converted to hard CRs internally. This will affect the text wrapping. Note that if such a file is saved as plain text, the CRs will be replaced by CRLFs. This is the .txt standard for plain text (default: 0, which deletes CRCRLFs on input).