Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

ctlUniMDITabs Control

An Unicode component that permits you to organize your MDI child windows using a Top or Bottom tabulator like the Microsoft Visual Studio environment.
Check common properties here

Name Description
Name Description
CloseWindow Raised when someone clicks the "X" button of a tab
WindowChanged Raised when the active MDI child changes
TabClick Raised when the user clicks over a Tab
TabBarClick Raised when the user clicks the Tabulator bar
DrawingCaptionText Raised before writing the form caption on the Tab; by managing this event and changing the passed "sWindowText" string you can return Unicode captions for your forms (see the Sample 1)
Name Type Description
AllowScroll (Boolean) Permits the tabulator to scroll horizontally
AutoClose (Boolean) If enabled, the control automatically closes the active MDI child window when the "X" button is pressed
CanDragTabs (Boolean) Enables the user to move the tabs
Font (iFont) Gets or sets the font used for text in the control, check the [ApplyFontChanges] for details
SelectedFont (iFont) Gets or sets the font used for text when displaying the selected tabulator
ShowTabs (Boolean) Temporary enables/disables the control
TabAlignTop (Boolean) Should the Tabs be displayed on the top?
Name Type Description
ApplyFontChanges When setting a new font on the control you need to call this function in order to refresh the interface
Attach Starts the control activity
Detach Stops the control activity
Refresh Permits you to refresh the MDI Tabulator; useful when for example when a form caption is changed at run-time
How to use this control:
Simply draw it on a MDI container form and in the MDIForm_Load event attach it to the form using the [Attach] method.