Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

ctlUniComboFontXP Control

Unicode ComboBox for displaying fonts
Check common properties here

Name Description
eComboFontContentType The type of fonts to display in the control
Name Description
MouseWheel Raised when the mouse wheel scrolls
BeforeDropDown Raised before dropping down the list
AfterDropDown Raised before closing the drop down list
ItemSelecting Raised when selecting an item in the drop down list
Name Type Description
BackColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the Background color of the control
BackColorOut (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the Color of the area out of the border (when using Rounded Borders in a non WindowLess control)
Leave -1& for automatic management
BorderColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the Border color
ButtonBackColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the button background color
ButtonForeColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the button foreground color
ButtonStyle (eCtlButtonStyle) Gets or sets the style of the combobox
ContentType (eComboFontContentType) Gets or sets the type of fonts to display
DropDownWidth (Long) Gets or sets the width of the drop down list
Enabled (Boolean) Enables or disables the control
Font (Font) Gets or sets the font used for text in the control, check the [ApplyFontChanges] for details
ForeColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the text of the combo
HScroll (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to use a horizontal scrollbar on the popup list
ItemData (Long) Gets or sets the [ListTag] but limited to be a number
List (String) Returns the item at a certain index
ListCount (Long) Returns the number of items in the list
ListIndex (Long) Gets or sets the current element
ListTag (Variant) Gets or sets the Tag associated with a certain list item
MouseIcon (Picture) Gets or sets the MouseIcon for the control
MousePointer (VBRUN.MousePointerConstants) Gets or sets the MousePointer for the control
OLEDropMode (eCtlOLEDropMode) Gets or sets the OleDropMode for the control
RoundedBorders (Boolean) Gets or sets Rounded borders
RoundSelector (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to use rounded borders for the list item selector
SelBackColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the background color of the list item selector
SelectorStyle (eCtlButtonStyle) Gets or sets the style of the list selector
SelForeColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the foreground color of the list item selector
Sorted (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to sort items alphabetically
Text (String) Gets or sets the current value of the combo
Tip (String) Gets or sets the Unicode Tooltip for the control
UseRoundRegions (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to use Round Regions for round borders instead of using the [BackColorOut] property;
Name Type Description
ApplyFontChanges When setting a new font on the control you need to call this function in order to refresh the interface
BeginUpdate Permits you to start a long-time update on the control (for example by adding 1000 elements) without sending out many and many events. So it is faster!
Use un conjunction with [EndUpdate]
Clear Clears the list combo
DropDown Opens or Closes the dropdown list
EndUpdate Terminates a [BeginUpdate] reactivating the control after a long-time update
ForceLostFocus Forces the control to lose the keyboard focus
hWnd (Long) Retuns the handle associated with the control
IsDroppedDown (Boolean) Returns True if the combo list is dropped down
newIndex (Long) Returns the index of the latest item added
OLEDrag Starts an OLEDrag operation
How to use the control:
Simply place the control over a form then set the 'Text' property. If you set an invalid Text this will be displayed in red.