Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

ctlColorXP Control

Same as the [ctlColorWL] control but Windowed (with [hWnd] property); can be positioned over other controls
Check common properties here

Name Description
Name Type Description
BackColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the background color
BackColorOut (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the Color of the area out of the border (when using Rounded Borders in a non WindowLess control)
Leave -1& for automatic management
BorderColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the border color
Color (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the Color property of the control (the color you need to manage by the control)
DblClickEvent (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to raise Double Click events
Enabled (Boolean) Enables or disables the control
Font (Font) Gets or sets the font used for text in the control, check the [ApplyFontChanges] for details
ForeColor (OLE_COLOR) Gets or sets the text color of the control (probably not actually managed)
MouseIcon (Picture) Gets or sets the MouseIcon for the control
MousePointer (VBRUN.MousePointerConstants) Gets or sets the MousePointer for the control
OLEDropMode (eCtlOLEDropMode) Gets or sets the OleDropMode for the control
RightToLeft (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to show bidirectional text on the control
RoundedBorders (Boolean) Gets or sets Rounded borders
ShowFocus (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to display a focus rectangle when the control has the focus
Style (eCtlButtonStyle) Gets or sets the control style
Tip (String) Gets or sets the Unicode Tooltip for the control
UseRoundRegions (Boolean) Gets or sets the ability to use Round Regions for round borders instead of using the [BackColorOut] property;
Name Type Description
ApplyFontChanges When setting a new font on the control you need to call this function in order to refresh the interface
ForceLostFocus Execute a forced lost focus (so it loses the focus rectangle)
hWnd (Long) Retuns the handle associated with the control
OLEDrag Start a OLEDrag operation
Refresh Execute a refresh of the control interface