Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

clsLargeNumber Class

Permits you the management of large numbers

Name Description
Name Description
Name Type Description
Name Type Description
BooleanOperation (String) BooleanOperation = sA Operator sB
ConvertBases (String) Converts a number from a Base to another
ConvFromBase10 (String) Converts a number in Base 10 to another Base
ConvToBase10 (String) Converts a number in Base xx to Base 10
StrAdd (String) StrAdd = sA + sB
StrDec (String) StrDec = sA - 1
StrDiv (String) StrDiv = sA \ sB
StrGT (Boolean) StrGT = (sA > sB) (True or False)
StrHalf (String) StrHalf = sA \ 2
StrInc (String) StrInc = sA + 1
StrMod (String) StrMod = sA mod sB
StrMult (String) StrMult = sA * sB
StrPow (String) StrPow = sA ^ sB
StrPowMod (String) StrPowMod = sA ^ sB mod sC (best for RSA encryption)
StrShl (String) Left bit shift
StrShr (String) Right bit shift
StrStraight (Boolean) StrStraight = (sA / 2 = sA \ 2) (True or False)
StrSub (String) StrSub = sA - sB
StrTrim (String) StrTrim = sA without leading "0"s
This class permits you to manage very large numbers; for this reason numbers and results are always passed in string format