Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

clsGpBrush Class

Manages a GDI+ Brush, a Brush is used to fill shapes
Check MSDN documentation here and here

Name Description
Name Description
Name Type Description
hBrush (Long) Gets or sets the handle of the internal GDI+ brush
isValid (Boolean) Returns True is the internal brush handle is valid
TextureWrapMode (GpWrapMode) Gets or sets the Wrap mode of the internal brush
Name Type Description
Clone (clsGpBrush) Clones the instance of this class with another identical
CreateHatchBrush_Color (GpStatus) Creates a hatch brush
CreateHatchBrush_RawColor (GpStatus) Creates a hatch brush using ARGB colors (use the [clsGpSession] class for conversion functions)
CreateLinearBrushFromRect_Color (GpStatus) Creates a linear brush
CreateLinearBrushFromRect_RawColor (GpStatus) Creates a linear brush
CreateLinearBrushFromRectWithAngle_Color (GpStatus) Creates an angled linear brush
CreateLinearBrushFromRectWithAngle_RawColor (GpStatus) Creates an angled linear brush
CreateSolidFill_Color (GpStatus) Creates a brush using a color
CreateSolidFill_RawColor (GpStatus) Creates a brush using a color
CreateTextureBrush (GpStatus) Creates a textured brush
CreateTextureBrush2I (GpStatus) Creates a textured brush with coordinates
Dispose Releases resources used by this class
GetBlend (GpStatus) The GetBlend method gets the blend factors and their corresponding blend positions from a LinearGradientBrush object.
GetBlendCount (Long) The GetBlendCount method gets the number of blend factors currently set for this LinearGradientBrush object.
GetInterpolationColors (GpStatus) Gets colors and positions of a linear brush with more colors
GetInterpolationCount (Long) Returns the number of colors used in [SetInterpolationColors] function
GetTextureImage (clsGpBitmap) Returns a bitmap that contains the internal brush
SetBlend (GpStatus) The SetBlend method sets the blend factors and the blend positions of this linear gradient brush to create a custom blend.
SetInterpolationColors (GpStatus) Permits you to create a linear brush with more colors