Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

ctlImageBag Control

This is an ImageList control clone. It has the ability to store alpha images with different size.

Name Description
Name Description
Name Type Description
moPics (New Collection)
Name Type Description
GetPicture (StdPicture) Get the Picture i from the ImageList
GetPictureClone (StdPicture) Get a Cloned Picture from the Picture i in the ImageList
How to use this control:
Just draw it on a form, then press the "Custom" button on the VB6 Properties Panel.

Check here for details...

Create an enum on the form to store bitmaps indexes so you can retrieve images by index.
At run-time use the [GetPicture] method to retrieve bitmaps from the control.

Draw a ctlUniImageWL control and a ctlImageBag control (with two images)
This code will put the first image contained into the Bag into the Image control (and stretches it)
Option Explicit

Private Enum eMyPics
img_circle = 1
End Enum

Private Sub Form_Load()
ctlUniImageWL1.Stretch = True
ctlUniImageWL1.QualityStretch = True
Set ctlUniImageWL1.Picture = ctlImageBag1.GetPicture(eMyPics.img_circle)
End Sub

This control can be used to store images for every control in this library.

PS. Sometimes the Image List is not saved after exiting from this custom window.
This seems to be a VB6 bug; you can solve it by resizing the ImageBag control on the form with the mouse.