Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4


Version 4.3.1
Nov 18, 2018
- Fix: finally solved an issue that in some cases prevented controls to obtain correct key codes when writing in East Asian Language and others like Lao, Tamil, Georgian, Gujarati, etc...
Version 4.2.54
May 09, 2017
- Fix: wordWrap didn't work correctly on ctlUniLabelXP
Version 4.2.53
Jan 09, 2017
- Enhanced compatibility with Visual C++ and Visual Fox Pro IDEs
Version 4.2.48
Jul 27, 2015
- Added the SetWindowLayout function that permits to turn VB6 forms into RTL forms
Version 4.2.47
Jul 24, 2015
- Added right alignment for List/Combo controls when RTL is enabled (list boxes, combo boxes)
Version 4.2.46
May 20, 2015
- Enhanced the management of the ShiftState in KeyDown, KeyPress and KeyUp events
Version 4.2.43
Dec 15, 2014
- Added the UseMnemonic property to Labels
Version 4.2.42
Nov 27, 2014
- Fix: ctlUniTextBox and ctUniRichTextBoxXP now preserve the SelText during an OLEDrag&Drop
- Fix: ctlUniTextBox can now recognize selected text also on multiline texts
Version 4.2.41
Nov 21, 2014
- Completed and fixed the OLEDrag support for ctlUniTextBox, ctlUniRichTextBoxXP, ctlUniTextBoxXP, ctlUniTextCodeHighlight, ctlNumIncXP adding the OLEDragMode property (manual/automatic).
- Added the GetCharFromPos and MouseIsOverSelection property to ctlUniTextBoxXP and ctlUniRichTextBoxXP

PS: In order to fix a bad behaviour when using OLEDrag in MouseDown event, we mimic the working mode of standard VB6 controls.
So the MouseDown event is called after the standard Windows MouseDown event, permitting an optimal management;
before this update they were called in the opposite way so you could have the SelText property (of text or richedit) with a value (in this event).
Version 4.2.38
Nov 17, 2014
- Added the ability to void the selection of the first element on a ListView control (AutoSelectFirstItem property)
- Fix: bug when displaying items with the & character in ctlUniComboImage and ctlUniComboFont controls
- Enhanced the behavior of standard combo boxes to mimic standard VB6 ones
Version 4.2.37
Nov 05, 2014
- Added the ability to copy content of a TextBox using keyboard shortcuts when the control is locked (CTRL+C)
- Added some behaviors tipical of standard combo boxes to our
Version 4.2.36
Sep 12, 2014
- Added the Striped property to the ctlUniGrid control
Version 4.2.35
Jul 24, 2014
- Fix: The AfterLabelEdit event in the ListView control worked in a wrong way
- Now the size of the box used when editing text in the ListView automatically adapts to content
Version 4.2.34
Jun 30, 2014
- Fix: the GetRowByY method returned a wrong row if you go past the last row (in the Grid control)
- Fix: when editing a cell in the ListView the text appeared too short to contain the data
- Added the MouseIcon and MousePointer properties to Grid and ListView
Version 4.2.31
Jun 26, 2014
- Added the LeftMargin and RightMargin properties on TextBox and ComboBox
Version 4.2.29
Jun 06, 2014
- Added the SelectItemOnRightClick property to Treeview, ListView, Grid
Version 4.2.28
May 16, 2014
- Changed: when using treeview nodes with empty text the control returned a 2048 chars string instead of empty string
- Added the ability to switch from Standard or Styled toolbars in ListView and Grid
- The ctlUniGrid control now is finally able to hide the vertical scrollbar when no required
Version 4.2.27
May 12, 2014
- Fix: WindowLess controls gained the tab focus also when disabled; now they work correctly
- The ctlUniLink control caption changes its color when disabled (it becomes gray)
Version 4.2.26
Apr 30, 2014
- Added the SelBackColor and SelForeColor properties to the treeview control
- Fix: the text of a node in the treeview was not visible after setting a forecolor for that node
Version 4.2.24
Mar 20, 2014
- Added the ability to find a Panel from a given coordinate (ctlUniTabbedXP)
- Added the WordWrap property for labels
- Dramatically improved performance of ListView
Version 4.2.15
Mar 04, 2014
- Fix: the ReadUTF8Line returned the previous returned string when it encountered a blank row
- Fix: There were some display problems when settings the column width to 0 in a ListView control (Report View)
Version 4.2.10
Feb 10, 2014
- Added the ctlScroll control, a styled vertical and horizontal control integrated in ListView and Grid
- The margin property of labels now is computed also for non autosized labels
- Enhanced the ctlUniStyler control
Version 4.1.39
Oct 04, 2013
- Fix: the Project Converter had a bug and cannot convert some types of projects
- Removed some definitions from the HexOle21.tlb support type library to avoid conflicts
Version 4.1.38
Sep 24, 2013
- Added the MinIconSize property to the ctlListView control
Version 4.1.36
Aug 08, 2013
- Added the clsShellOperation class
- Added some methods to the clsUniFile class for path check and management
- Added many methods to the clsGpGraphics, clsGpBrush, clsGpPath, clsCommonWrapper classes
- Fix: InIde method, now works properly
- Fix: UniAppPath function, now works properly
- Removed all internal types (CTL_RECT, CTL_POINTAPI), now uses standard types
- Removed the HexOle2.tlb, now uses the HexOle21.tlb

PS: The binary compatibility has been broken from the previous version
(you cannot use the new library without recompiling your source code)
Use the "Project Converter" utility to upgrade your source projects for using the new library
Version 4.0.36
May 22, 2013
- Fix: Some incompatibilities with Windowless images and labels prevented the Form from saving properties
Version 4.0.35
Apr 30, 2013
- Added the HideColumnHeaders property to the ctlUniGrid control
- Fix: the Project converter didn't convert "ctlUniImage" controls to the new version
- Fix: the ctlUniFrameWL controls didn't use the font set in the control
- Fix: setting .selected=True to an item with MultiSelect=False caused to have multiple selected items
Version 4.0.31
Apr 24, 2013
- Added the Sort method and SortWithCustomEvent properties to the ListView control, now the ListView can sort data

PS: The binary compatibility has been broken from the previous version
(you cannot use the new library without recompiling your source code)
Use the "Project Converter" utility to upgrade your source projects for using the new library
Version 4.0.29
Apr 23, 2013
- Added the ability to select a single cell in the ctlUniGrid control (set the FullRowSelect property to False)
- Added the ability to change the Item padding in the ListView control (CellPadding property)
- Fix in the clsUniLV_ListItems class, there was a bug when accessing a item by key
- Minor fixes and enhancements
Version 4.0
Mar 20, 2013
- Uses GdiPlus and exposes GdiPlus major classes
- Many new, real transparent, WindowLess controls
- Real antialiasing support
- Optimal picture resizing
- 32 bpp alpha images support (.png, .tga, .jpg and more)
- New detailed documentation
- New Unicode 100% compatible ListView control!
- RTL support in every control

Check the migration document

PS: The binary compatibility has been broken from the previous version
(you cannot use the new library without recompiling your source code)
Use the "Project Converter" utility to upgrade your source projects for using the new library
Version 3.2.3
Jan 03, 2013
- Removed the "cStringBuilder2" class and added the "cStringBuilder" class (50x faster)
- Added support for new operating systems in the "GetWindowsVersion" function
- Added the ability to specify custom colors for the bar of the menu in the ctlUtf8Menu
- Added support for menus of type "WindowList" in MdiWindows

PS: The binary compatibility has been broken from the previous version
(you cannot use the new library without recompiling your source code)
Use the "Project Converter" utility to upgrade your source projects for using the new library
Version 3.1.20
Oct 19, 2012
- Changed the way the mousewheel acts on combo's lists, now the mousewheel only scrolls the list, doesn't select items
- Added a feature that permits users to style (using the ctlUniStyler control) Hexagora controls contained into custom controls
Version 3.1.17
Aug 20, 2012
- Added the ability to show or hide the horizontal or vertical cells borders
Version 3.1.15
Jul 30, 2012
- Added the ability to lock some columns on the ctlUniGrid control when scrolling horizontally
Version 3.1.13
Jul 09, 2012
- Fix: the ctlUniGrid.RemoveColumn method has been fixed
Version 3.1
Nov 18, 2011
- Some controls have the ability to load internal data only when the item is about to be shown
- Added the ability to set the foreground/background color for any treeview node
- Fix: ComboBox controls have a problem when selecting items with the keyboard, sometimes the index didn't correspond with the shown text
- Fix: Some type of icons weren't displayed correctly in widgets

PS: The binary compatibility has been broken from the previous version
(you cannot use the new library without recompiling your source code)
Use the "Project Converter" utility to upgrade your source projects for using the new library
Version 3.0.03
Jun 22, 2011
- When disabling controls with a background color very near to the default Windows grayText color, the text content disappeared
Version 3.0.00
Mar 01, 2011
- Rewritten every component that could give compatibility problems with 64 bit systems
- The ctlUniButtonImage control has been enhanced; the text is always over the image and now it is able to stretch and manage large images
Version 2.9.36
Dec 07, 2010
- Added the ability to use multiple columns in the ctlUniListBox control
Version 2.9.34
Oct 18, 2010
- Fix: the ReadUTF8Line method had a bug
- Fix: the ctlUniGrid control had a bug
Version 2.9.31
Sep 24, 2010
- Added the "DropDownWidth" property to Combo controls
- Added the "TrapTabKey" property to the ctlNumInc control
- Added the "Enabled" and "MultiLineText" properties to the ctlUniGrid control
- Added the "GetListIndexByY" property to the ListBox control
- Fix: bug in the StrToUTF8 and UTF8ToStr conversion functions when using foreign locales
Version 2.9.28
Aug 04, 2010
- Fix: the ctlUniGrid control had problems when using the MultiSelection property
- Fix: the ctlUniRichTextBox now uses a different sublcassing manager as the previous one had some problems
Version 2.9.22
Jun 01, 2010
- Added the ability to insert blank numeric fields into a numeric column ('AllowEmptyNumbers' flag into the addColumn method)
- Fix: the ctlUniGrid control had a problem when using a Background color equal to the Selection Color
- Fix: the ctlUniTextCodeHighlight control had some problems with some Unicode chars (encoded in RTF with \'xx)
Version 2.9.18
Mar 20, 2010
- Now the ctlUniGrid uses a QuickSort algorithm also when manual sorting columns
Version 2.9.17
Mar 18, 2010
- Now the ctlUniGrid uses a QuickSort algorithm for sorting data
- Fix: the .clear method of the ctlUniComboBoxXP and ctlUniComboImageXP didn't clear the Text of the control
- Fix: when sorting Grid data now the vbTextCompare flag is used when acting on text columns
Version 2.9
Mar 05, 2010
- Added many features to the ctlUniGrid control (column sorting, column type, column RightToLeft management), enhanced the speed of the RemoveRow method.
- Added some method to the ctlUniRichTextBox control (TabSize, SetScrollPos, etc...)
- Added the ctlUniTextCodeHighlight component
- Fix: bug in the ctlUniGrid control when using multiselection with SHIFT and CTRL
- Fix: another bug in the clsClipboard.Paste method
- Fix: bug when stopping the Keydown event; sometimes the focus was lost
- Fix: bug when loading UTF-8 files; sometimes the file results truncated
- Fix: bug in the clsMultiLngSupport class; it didn't translate the cltUniLabelNoFlick control
Version 2.8.31 (rev 4)
Jan 07, 2010
- Made a complete revision of all Unicode Strings used in the package
- Fix: bug in the clsClipboard.Paste method
Version 2.8.30 (rev 3)
Nov 05, 2009
- Enhanced the compatibility with Windows DEP support
- Fix: ActiveControl (and Validate event) has some problems when used into a MDIChild form
- Fix: a strange bug appeared only on 64 bit versions of Vista and Win 7 platforms probably related to a bug on the Windows 64 memory management or to the VB6 virtual machine. Recompiling the library using "Native Code" fixed it.
Version 2.8.21 (rev 2)
Oct 21, 2009
- Added "Milliseconds" and "Day Of week" in the st_GetFileDate function
- Updated the ctlUniComboFontXP control
- Updated the ctlUniRichTextBoxXP control
- Updated the ctlUniGrid control
- Fix: GetMonitorHandleFromPoint function of the "clsScreens" class
- Fix: bug displaying transparent labels under Vista and Windows 7 platforms
Version 2.8.21
Ago 20, 2009
- Added the VSCROLL and HSCROLL events to the ctlUniGrid control
- Added some methods to the ctlUniGrid controls that permit people to obtain the coordinates of a certain cell (so you can make it editable)
Version 2.8.20 (rev 1)
Ago 18, 2009
- Changed the "GetFileDate" function on the clsSearchFilesFInfo class, added a parameter
- Added the "GetUTCFileDate" on the clsSearchFilesFInfo class
- Fix: ctlColorXP, ctlUniButtonImageXP, ctlUniCheckXP, ctlUniRadioXP, ctlUniTabbedXP controls raised a "Click" event when disabled if it had the "Default" or "Cancel" property enabled
- Fix: under some conditions the ctlUTF8Menu stops working in the right way (MDIParent + MDIChild + Refresh)
- ctlUniGrid, added ColKey, CellTag, CurrCellTag, SetCurrCellPicture, GetCurrCellPicture and enhanced the multi selection
- Added some events in the ctlUniRichTextBoxXP control
Version 2.8.18
Jul 03, 2009
Changed Ctl_StrToHex and Ctl_HexToStr functions;
unfortunately a VB6 menu caption can contain a maximum of 236/242 chars. Using the Hexadecimal encoding as it was, the string length became 4 times larger so it was very simple to pass the 236 chars. The actual implementation of these functions will use the Base64 encoding so it should be shorter than before (so you can use menu captions longer than before).
Version 2.8.3
Jun 12, 2009
- Fix: the ctlUniTabbedXP control didn't use the ForeColSel and ForeColorTab colors
Version 2.8.2
Apr 24, 2009
- Added the RequestResize event to the ctlUniRichTextBoxXP control
Version 2.8.1
Apr 21, 2009
- Added the clsTrayArea class for Unicode Tray Area management
Version 2.8
Apr 20, 2009
- Added DataBind properties to labels controls
- Added the CustomFontFace property to the ctlUTF8Menu
- Added Multiselection to the ctlUniGrid control
- Added the StringMode property on the UTF8Menu (the UTF8 encoding cannot be used as a string container for menu controls in many systems because it can contain the full set of ANSI chars (0..255, supported only in full ANSI systems like US, GB, IT, etc...); for example in Chinese/Vietnamese systems, some chars were lost and the menu don't work correctly. Now it is possible to use a special encoding for the menu. You can translate strings from UTF16 to Hexadecimal values using the HexToStr or StrToHex functions. The menu can be set to Hex mode as it is able to check Hexadecimal strings and translate them if needed.
- Added a function called "CanUseAnsiForString" that will check if the ANSI encoding can be used in order to save strings to file (it checks the system locale + the unicode string)
- Added the "Value" property for the ctlUniButtonImageXP control; by setting button.Value=True the button_Click event will be invoked
- Removed the BackStyle property from the standard ctlUniLabel control as it causes problems. If you need a transparent label use the ctlUniLabelNoFlick control (the Project converter will upgrade your sources automatically)
- Added the new ApplyFontChanges function to every control so when you want to apply changes made to the "Font" object in the control just call this function.

- Fix: the UniFormCaption control lacks in some cases when testing for a Unicode string; systems like Chinese/Vietnamese use strings recognized to be non Unicode (because they haven't extended chars) but these strings contains Unicode characters.
- Fix: bad behavior when using the IME mode into the ctlUniRichTextBoxXP control (incompleted IME phrases were inserted into the control and when clicking out of the IME composition window the text resulted duplicated; in Vista systems)
- Fix: in some circumstances the ctlUniRichTextBoxXP hangs up when reading/writing contents
- Fix: column resizing in ctlUniGrid control when using fixed size columns
- Fix: checkbox and radio now block the click event when using the right mouse button, like the VB6 ones
- Fix: the ucTreeview hangs up in some systems when setting fonts
- Fix: some Windows messages interfered with the "Validate" event of API controls (texts, combos, listboxes, etc...); in these controls the Validate event never occured; fixed.
- Fix: in design mode the ctlUniTextBoxXP control and the ctlUniRichTextBoxXP control displays a wrong text when the "&" char is into the Text property
- Fix: bug in the clsFileIni class when converting an ANSI file to an Unicode one
- Fix: the GetFormCaptionW function returned a wrong Unicode Caption (some chars were added to the end of the returned string)

the UTF8Menu control has changed, instead of the UTF8 encoding you should use the Hex encoding for menu items or your program may not be compatible with all locales. Check this page.
Version 2.7
Jan 30, 2009
- Added the ctlUniRichTextBoxXP control, an extremely powerful RichEdit Unicode control, compatible with RichEdit 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.1
- Enhanced the IME input support for Complex Scripts and East Asian Languages (now Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi and many other are supported)
- Added the IMEComposition event to TextBox, RichTextBox, ListBoxes, ComboBox, Canvas and the IsInIME property when using the IME input (check the documentation)
- Added the ManualStart property for ListBox and ComboBox so you can create usercontrols with these usercontrols
- Added AccessKeys for Button, Check, Radio (just use the & in Caption before the AccessKey letter you want to use)
- Fixed the IME support for TextBox, ComboBox and other controls
- Fixed some problems on the ctlUniTextBoxXP control
- Fixed a problem with the Caret in the ctlUniComboBox control
- Enhanced the ctlUniTabbedXP control
- Modified all Combo Boxes controls, changed the key management
Version 2.6.3
Dec 23, 2008
- Added ReadBOM, ReadUTF8Line, ReadLine, WriteUTF8Line, WriteLine to the clsUniFile class
- Fixed some functions for using UNC paths
Version 2.6.2
Dec 04, 2008
- Added the UNC (net) support for every file method
- Fix: the OpenFileGeneric method (clsUniFile class) didn't use the UNC access for files
Version 2.6.1
Nov 20, 2008
- Fix: cursor on text controls when using scrollbars
- Fix: problem when using Unicode Drag&Drop from Common Dialogs
- Fix: Set Font property on Grid, Buttons, Check
Version 2.6
Nov 18, 2008
- Fix: memory leak on the main subclasser engine, caused by an unknown Windows problem on SetProp and RemoveProp APIs. This leak could cause Windows Vista systems to give you an "Out of Memory" error
- Fix: possible memory leak on transparent labels controls
- Fix: possible memory leak on the ctlUniCanvas internal Unicode class
- Fix: a small problem on the MouseIcon property
- Added the ShowFontEx method to the clsCommonDialogs class
Version 2.5.5
Oct 24, 2008
- Fixed some events for the ctlNumInc control
- Enhanced the Project Converter, now it is able to change events definitions and calls when converting the project
- Used the HotLight style in menu bars
- Fix: some visualization problems when using Combos and Lists with the HScroll property enabled
Sep 26, 2008
- Fix: click event for Radio Buttons and Check Boxes; now it works like a standard VB6 radio/check
Version 2.5.4
Sep 12, 2008
- Added the "Default" property to controls (Caption for Frame, Label, Link, etc...; Text for TextBox, Combo, List, etc...)
- Added a new anti-flickering unicode label control and used in the Tip
Version 2.5.3
Ago 19, 2008
- Fix: the ctlUniGrid sent 2 Keyboard event everytime
- Added the ShowFocus property to CheckBox and RadioButton
Version 2.5.2
Ago 06, 2008
- Fix: removed the ugly flickering effect from Progress Bars
- Fix: remade the Image position property in the ctlUniButtonImageXP control
- Fix: removed the events loop in the ctlUniFormCaption control
- Fix: clsUniFile.WriteUnicodeLine worked in a wrong way
- Added the WriteBOM function to the clsUnifile class
Version 2.5.1
Jul 26, 2008
- Fix: Change event for the ctlUniTextBoxXP; now it works better
- Removed the ListTagObject property in lists and comboboxes, the ListTag does everything
- Added the HideTip() method in the ctlUniToolTipManager
Version 2.5
Jul 23, 2008
- Finally completed the ctlUniCaption control, now it works also with Themed windows
- Added DataBindings, DataField, DataFormat, DataMember, DataSource to simple controls like ctlUniColorXP, ctlUniTextBoxXP, ctlUniCheckXP, ctlUniRadioXp...
- Added some properties to the ctlUniGrid control
- Changed some methods to the clsMemDC and clsDibSection classes
- Removed the ugly flashing effect of the ctlUniGrid ScrollBars
- Added Icon and Cursor support for the "Picture" property on controls
- Added Click and DblClick events on the ctlNumIncXP control
- Added other Image Alignment options for the ctlUniButtonImageXP control
- Added OLE Drag&Drop Unicode support with a function that will permit you to get the list of dragged file in Unicode format
- Added MousePointer and MouseIcon properties to every control
Version 2.4 rev 3
Jun 23, 2008
- Fixed some strange activation messages when using compiled applications
- Enhanced the project converter
- Fixed the ctlUniLabel control when using a Transparent background style
Version 2.4 rev 2
May 27, 2008
- Added pictures for cells in ctlUniGrid control
Version 2.4 rev 1
May 26, 2008
- Fix: when having a great CPU utilization and using ctlUniProgressXP and ctlUniProgressVista controls they didn't get refreshed
- Fix: when using custom controls in the toolbar control they didn't get moved correctly.
Version 2.4
May 15, 2008
- Removed the ctlUniButtonXP control, now only the ctlUniButtonImageXP should be used, use the Project Converter to upgrade your sources!
- Removed the internal HDC from ctlUniLabel, ctlUniButtonImageXP, ctlUniProgressXP, ctlUniProgressVista, ctlUniCheckXp, ctlUniRadioXP, ComboBoxes (all), ctlUniImage, ctlUniCanvas so these controls are lighter than before
- Added the ctlUniComboFontXP control
- Added the Image Alignment, Text Wrap and Transparency methods to the ctlUniButtonImageXP control
- Added the Panel Type and the Picture to ctlUniStatusBar panels, now it's possible to see the status of CAPS, NUM LOCK, SCROLL LOCK, KANA LOCK, JUNJIA LOCK, KANJI LOCK, DATE, TIME, INS
- Changed the AddPanel method for the ctlUniStatusBar control, now it is named AddPanel2
- Changed the Transparency Type for the ctlUniImage control
- Changed the KeyPress event for the ctlNumIncXP control
- Fixed the resize event for every control
- Fixed some problems when changing properties at design time
- Managed the AmbientChanged event
- Added some properties to the ComboBox and to the FrameXP control
- Fixed a bug when refreshing and scrolling the ctlUniGrid control
Version 2.3 rev 2
Apr 21, 2008
- Fixed the KeyDown, KeyPress and KeyUp events for TextBox, ListBoxes, Canvas; with some Unicode characters the library hangs up
- Added IME support for TextBox, ListBoxes, Canvas
- Fixed a small problem when focusing some controls with the Mouse, the Keyboard focus was wrong
Version 2.3 rev 1
Mar 31, 2008
- Enhanced the style for CheckBoxes and RadioButtons when disabled
- Enhanced the caption for CheckBoxes and RadioButtons, now it can word wrap like a standard check/radio control
- Added the ability to act on disabled Frames in design mode
Version 2.3
Mar 26, 2008
- Fixed the Runtime "0" problem, added a better error management
- Enhanced the Project Converter program
- Added the ItemData and NewIndex property to ComboBox and ListBox controls
- Changed the "AddItem" method for ComboBox and ListBox
Version 2.2
Feb 04, 2008
- Added some small features
Version 2.1
Nov 28, 2007
- Enhanced the performance when using Transparent images (menus, buttos, image combos, list boxes, toolbars, etc...)
- Added some standard properties to Listboxes and ComboBoxes like Style (Standard/Check), ItemData, NewIndex
- Enhanced the ctlUniImage control, added some useful properties
- Fixed some bugs on ListBoxes
- Removed an unused event in the ctlUniToolTipManager control
Version 2.0
Nov 05, 2007
- Added the ctlUniMDITabs control
- Fixed some bugs in the ctlUniComboBox control
- Fixed some issues in the ctlUTF8Menu control
- Fixed some issues in the internal subclasser component
- Fixed a bug in the ShowDir method of the clsCommonDialogs class, added the ability to input a starting folder
- Added the ability to have a semi-transparent tooltip
Version 1.9
Sep 15, 2007
- Added the ctlProgressVista control (Vista like progress bar)
- Added the ctlUniComboImageXP control (Image Combo usercontrol)
- Added the ctlUniDriveBoxXP control (Drive usercontrol)
- Added the clsSpecialFolders class
- Enhanced the ctlUTF8Menu (now it works with invisible popup menus and with usercontrols menus)
- Enhanced the clsCommonDialogs class (and the documentation)
- Fixed some bugs on the ctlUniComboBox control (sometimes when selecting a value from the list the combo selectes a wrong value)
Version 1.8.1
Aug 31, 2007
- Added Multi-Monitor support (clsScreens)
- Fixed Unicode Tooltip for Multi-Monitor
Version 1.8
Aug 25, 2007
- Added the ability to scroll to the ToolBarXP control
- Enhanced the round selector on the ToolBarXP control
- Enhanced the GetWindowVersion function
- Added the ctlNumIncXp control
- Added the clsFileIniEx class
Version 1.7
Aug 07, 2007
- Rewritten every graphical style, now they are better
- Enhanced the "Round Selector" property on Menu, ListBox, ComboBox, Toolbar
- Added 2 new button styles (Vista4 and Xp2)
- Added some function to the clsCommonWrapper Class
Version 1.6
Jul 20, 2007
- Added Shell management functions like UniShellExecuteW
- Added clsShellLink class for creating/loading Unicode .lnk files
Version 1.5
Jun 05, 2007
- Added many new controls (ctlUniStyler, ctlProgressXP, ctlColorXP)
- Enhanced Visual Styles and added new styles (Vista2, Vista3, Glass)
- Enhanced the help
- Added the ability to use UNICODE in Design Mode!
Version 1.4
May 17, 2007
- Fixed some bugs in strings conversion from UTF16 to UTF8 and vice-versa
- Enhanced samples