Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

Migration from version 3.x

Version 4.0+ of this library introduces a lot of changes; in this release we did a big cleaning and removed some useless features.
Before starting the migration from the previous version to the latest one in your projects, we suggest you to check carefully this document.

We used the GDI+ graphic library, providing some interface classes to Windows GDI+ flat APIs
Using GDI+ we could use perfect antialiasing and support 32bit alpha images in controls.
GDI+ is not supported by Win95 and it is provided as an optional package in Win98.

PS. If you purchased version 3.x or previous of our library don't forget to request us the new activation code before using it in production!

Changes in controls/classes:

Version 3.x Action Version 4.x
changed to ctlUniLabelWL
(Windowed + Autoredraw)
renamed to ctlUniLabelXP
(Windowed + Autoredraw)
(Not compatible with Windowless controls)
changed to ctlUniFrameWL
(Compatible with WindowLess controls)
ctlProgressVista removed
changed to ctlProgressWL
changed to ctlUniImageWL
ctlUTF8Menurenamed toctlUniMenu

added ctlColorWL
(WindowLess) *

added ctlUniButtonImageWL
(WindowLess) *

added ctlUniCheckWL
(WindowLess) *

added ctlUniRadioWL
(WindowLess) *

ctlUniListViewadded100% compatible ListView control
cUniSubClass/cUniTimer removed This seems to be useless for our customers
(Used VB6 Collections, quite slow when accessing files via index)
changed to clsSearchFilesAL/clsSearchFilesFInfoAL
(Uses cArrayList, 100x faster)

added cArrayList collection
clsUniFile modified Removed the internal cache management, now uses the OS features for caching data
various .tlb files used at development time
(Needed only at development time)
changed to HexOle21.tlb
(Needed only at development time)
GDI+ SupportaddedAdded major GDI+ classes, used by controls

There are also minor changes including:

Why did we add WindowLess controls like ctlColorWL, ctlUniButtonImageWL, ctlUniCheckWL, ctlUniRadioWL together with Windowed controls like ctlColorXP, ctlUniButtonImageXP, ctlUniCheckXP, ctlUniRadioXP?

Because Windowless controls cannot be placed over other controls that have a Window, so we maintained all of them in the library
We removed the Windowed ctlUniImage control with ctlUniImageWL because the standard VB6 Image control is Windowless so we did the same.