The Unicode Library for VB6 is a robust and lightweight API driven ActiveX component that will permit you to turn your VB6 programs into fully Unicode (UTF16) applications.
Using this complete set of
usercontrols and classes you'll be able to modernize the look&feel of your programs permitting them to use Unicode data and files. After converting your existing projects you'll be able to design your Forms using directly an Unicode language (in the Visual Basic 6 Designer)...
Version 4.3, updated Nov 2018
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Unicode Controls & Classes for Visual Basic 6
Dynamic HTML Editor - WYSIWYG Web Editor
Dynamic HTML Editor is a graphical WYSIWYG editor for WEB pages; it allows you to create your own site without writing HTML code.
You simply have to position objects applying graphical effects, shadows, insert images, events and you'll obtain a dynamic cross-browser site! Let's start to make your
personal or business web site.
It only takes minutes!

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