Function Analyzer
Version 1.x for All Windows Platforms
Function Analyzer
Function Analyzer is a program that permits you to see the graph of a function like
f(x)=<x expression>.

In this picture you can see the graph of this function:

The usage is very simple:
- Write the function expression in the bottom combo box or choose and modify a predefined one (see the list of recognized keywords).
- Press the 'Analyze' button to show the graph.

After this you can:
- Move the X,Y axis, zoom in/out, increase/decrease precision (more precision you use more time the program take to process the expression).

In order to parse complex expressions I've created a parser using
GOLD Parser Builder by Devin Cook giving it a BNF rule grammar created by me ;-).
After this, the GOLD Parser Builder creates a skeleton program I've used to parse expressions.
The BNF sintax used is present in the program installation folder (expression.grm).
Available Tools
Function Analyzer 1.0

Win 32 Setup (1200 Kb)
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